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About FuelRods

FuelRods are the first reusable, portable charging system that allows you to fuel (charge) your mobile device on the go, and then recharge or swap for a fresh one.

With the simple swipe of a credit card you will get a portable charging unit capable of delivering up to 8 hours of additional talk time on the average smart phone, or nearly 4 additional hours of usage on the most demanding of tablets.

The FuelRod is the latest technology in portable charging technology with the highest energy density on the market. Recharge it yourself or swap it for a fully fueled unit. FuelRod is the ideal energy solution for today’s mobile lifestyle.

Ready to Use FuelRod™ with your smart phone or tablet. For just $22-$30 (depending on location), get a portable charging unit capable of delivering hours of talk time on your smart phone or extending usage time on your tablet. Android or Apple… The adapters are in the kit and they are yours to keep.

Instant Swaps for a fresh FuelRod™ as often as you need. It’s simple! Find a FuelRod SwapBox. Insert your empty FuelRod. Out pops a fresh, fully charged FuelRod and you can go on about your business. It is that easy. And best of all no empty FuelRods in a landfill.

Rechargeable with any USB adapter. Simply plug the USB adapter into the FuelRod™, and plug into the wall to recharge it. The LED light will change from red to green when your FuelRod™ is fully charged.

Each FuelRod Includes:

  • Adapters for Apple iOS and most Android devices that are yours to keep, at no additional charge.
  • The ability to be refueled (recharged) in any standard wall outlet.
  • The ability to be swapped (traded) instantly for a fully fueled unit at any FuelRod SwapBox (swap fee may apply at some locations).


Each initial purchase comes with a cable and connectors for USB Type-A to Micro-USB (most Android devices), USB-C (newer Android phones and tablets) and Apple Lightning (Apple Gen 5+). If you need an older Apple 30-pin connector or if your kit is missing a connector, please contact Customer Service.
FuelRods can charge any phone with a micro-USB, USB-C, or Apple Lightning port. However, any USB charging cable can be used with your FuelRod.
No. As long as your device can be charged by USB (GoPro, PSP, etc.), you can use a FuelRod.
See Locations. We are currently expanding so you can check our locator map for FuelRod SwapBoxes in your area. Please note that business agreements prevent us from promoting certain locations which may not appear on the map.
Yes. The micro-USB/USB cable that comes with the FuelRod can be used to recharge it. Simply plug the smaller micro-USB tip into the FuelRod, and the larger USB tip into your computer or any USB charging port. The LED light will change from red to green when your FuelRod is fully charged.
Your FuelRod can be recharged and ready to use within a few hours. It will be fully charged within about 6 hours (depending upon your power source and level of discharge), when the LED light will change from red to green.
Each fully charged FuelRod can add up to 8 hours of talk time to your smartphone, or 4 hours run time to your tablet. Times can vary greatly depending on many factors including apps you are using, strength of cellular or WiFi connection, ambient temperature and other conditions so YMMV.
Yes. These are safe for airplane use, but like any Lithium Ion battery, should remain in your carry-on bag, not in checked luggage.

Buy a FuelRod Kit

Get a FuelRod Starter kit to use with all of your mobile devices*!


Each FuelRod Includes:

  • A ready to use FuelRod to power your devices.
  • Adapters for both Android and Apple devices that are yours to keep, at no additional charge.
  • The ability to be refueled (recharged) in any standard wall outlet.
  • The ability to be swapped (traded) for a fully fueled unit at little to no additional cost at any FuelRod SwapBox.

FuelRod currently ships in 5-7 days; inside the U.S.A. only

* $21.99 MSRP, prices may vary at some locations.

Locations Map

While this map is updated regularly, some organizations have requested that we not list their locations. You may still swap FuelRod chargers at any FuelRod kiosk worldwide. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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